Technical Support


Within the Usha Martin Group, we have a Global Design Centre in Usha Martin Italia, with a technical support team particularly focused on assisting our customers and improving their knowledge of wire ropes. The team can provide specific training sessions in our facility near Milan, in our OCEANMAX facility in Worksop, U.K., directly at our customer`s site or via tele / video conferencing.

Training programs are customer specific and developed according to the audience expectations and requirements. As an example there are basic rope information courses for beginners, practical hints for installation engineers and more advanced knowledge based courses for expert engineers.

In order to assist with most general questions we have published our Wire Rope User Manual, which is issued and regularly updated by the Usha Martin Italia team to help users with a deeper understanding of the ropes they are working with.

Our technical team is in close contact with our customers and are continually advising them on a wide range of questions to special applications, rope use and requirements.