Proof Load and Destruction Testing

In our OCEANMAX facility we perform in-house destruction testing of wire rope up to 600 Tonne ( 5,884 kN ). Our test bed has the following key features:

  • Computer controlled operation via touch screen monitor.
  • Full Test Data collection with each Test completed.
  • Displayed on screen Load v Time Graph which is printed on 'Certificate of Testing'. 

Quality Assurance.

  • Calibrated to Class 1 level.
  • 'Certificate of Testing' print out available with each sample.
  • All test samples will be issued with a Brunton Shaw  'Certificate of Test of Wire Rope' & on request testing can be witnessed by an Independent 3rd party inspection authority (ITPIA) e.g. Lloyds Register,ABS.

 For ropes requiring tests above 600 Te breaking force, we utilise the services of accredited third party testing facilities.