28 Oct 2020

What is that saying...Teamwork makes the dream work?

This is certainly the case when it comes to the Usha Martin Group Companies.

EMM Corp (European Management & Marine Corporation), recently secured an order to supply A&R wire ropes for a Subsea construction client. To meet the requirements of this project Brunton Shaw UK manufactured 2 x 3500m lengths of 96mm OCEANMAX35 Compacted steel wire rope.

In being lifting specialists, EMM Corp (European Management & Marine Corporation) ensured all rigging/lifting equipment necessary was prepared at their Aberdeen based rigging shop. With each reel weighing in at over 170 MT, the challenging task of transporting these heavy loads from Worksop to South America safely is something we as a group specialise in.

We always welcome the opportunity to work alongside our sister companies, proving that we really can take care of it all!

96mm 2